Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who are you? 

A: I'm Kevin Casey, a freelance writer, copywriter, ghost writer and editor based in Brisbane, Australia. I write for successful businesses around the world. Please check out my About page for more personal background.

Q: What's your experience as a writer?

A: I started my writing career as a print book author and publisher in 1992, and later moved into freelance business copywriting as a full-time career. I have written hundreds of magazine articles both online and offline, several books (including an eBook), and I have also worked as a magazine editor. I am a professional wordsmith with exacting self-expectations, a fine attention to detail and a 25-year record of never missing a professional writing deadline. I can write just about anything (except fiction), because I'm also a thorough and efficient researcher.

Q: Can I look at some of your previous work to get an idea of the quality and style of your writing?

A: Most definitely. A number of recent samples are available on my Portfolio page.

Q: Where are you?

A: I live in a southern suburb of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: I charge by the completed project, not by the hour – because I believe it's fairer to the client. You're not paying for my time, you're paying a flat fee for a specific job. Fees depend on the type of writing required. Please see my Writing Services page to look at the type of writing I might be able to do for you, then check my Fees page for approximate costs. These are ballpark figures only – I quote each writing project on an individual basis. However, rest assured you will know your total price up front, with no 'extras' and no surprises.

Q: Do you require a deposit? 

A: Yes, please. Before commencing work on your project, I ask for a deposit of 30-50% of the total project fee. This is the copywriting industry standard, and serves two useful purposes. Firstly, it shows me that a client is serious, and secondly, it provides the immediate impetus for me to get started (when someone else's money is sitting in my account, I work faster and with more focus). I accept payment by direct deposit, business cheque or PayPal within Australia, and PayPal only for clients outside Australia.

Q: What exactly is copywriting?

A: My definition of copywriting is "writing for the purpose of marketing a business." This can cover a wide range of possible projects: website copy (landing pages, e-commerce product descriptions, etc.), advertisements, press releases, brochures, emails, lead-generating copy, case studies (customer success stories), white papers, blog posts, annual reports, video scripts – even your LinkedIn profile. However, in my case, this definition also extends to general 'writing of copy' which may not necessarily be business-focused – such as book ghost writing, articles for magazines or newsletters, feature stories, etc. Business copywriting falls into one of two categories: B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer). I write both.

Q: What is SEO copywriting?

A: SEO copywriting is Search Engine Optimised copywriting: the process of writing copy that contains relevant keywords or phrases aimed at online search engines – while still being engaging to readers.

Q: Does copywriting have anything to do with copyright?

A: It does not. That extra 'w' in there makes a world of difference. I can't help you with copyrights or patents – only writing and editing. However, the subject of copyright does lead us conveniently to our next question:

Q: Who owns the copyright on the writing you do for us?

A: Copyright remains with the writer until the full amount of the invoice is paid. Once you've paid for it, you own it and can do whatever you wish with it – even put your own name on it and take all the credit.

Q: Do you write in US English or UK English?

A: I can write in both – so it's your choice. I was born in California and spent the first half of my life in the United States, and moved to Australia in 1991. As a writer, I am equally at home writing US or UK English. And I can't remember the last time I put a shrimp on the barbie….

Q: Do you have any particular copywriting specialities?

A: My strength is my versatility. I am as comfortable ghost writing your eBook as I am at crafting lead-generating emails, attention-getting blog posts, trade journal feature articles or annual business reports.

Q: Do you do editing as well?

A: Yes! As an award-winning book author, editing is something I take seriously. I can edit anything you've written (including fiction) for spelling, grammar, sentence cohesion, readability, repetition, organisation of concepts and a number of other factors. Because editing can mean anything from a minor proofread to a major rewrite, I do ask to see a representative sample of the material before giving you a firm quote. No editing job is too big or too small. 

Q: What does your price include?

A: There are no hidden surprises in my quotes. My fee includes all necessary research and the writing itself. Price includes two free revisions and all editing and proofreading. Basically, I'm not happy until I've exceeded your expectations.

Do we need to meet?

A: 99% of the time, face to face meetings are unnecessary. I work with clients all over the world, and regularly conduct all communications by email or phone. I have Skype installed on my computer, and some day I hope to get around to actually using it. If you live in the Brisbane area and would like to discuss a complex writing project with me, that's fine. I will not charge for our initial meeting. But in this era of email, MS Word , PDFs and PayPal, I conduct virtually all of my business online.

I don't live in Australia. Can you still write for me?

A: Sure. I can write for anyone on earth who has access to email (and PayPal, for payment of invoices) and wants quality copy in English. I have written for clients in the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Q: How long will it take you to write my copy?

A: Clients are normally quite pleased with how quickly and efficiently I complete assigned work. When I quote for your project, we'll discuss your timeframes and I will provide a firm deadline. Actual time will depend on the size and complexity of the job, amount of research required, number of revisions and whether or not interviews are part of the process. My workload at the time is also a factor. If I'm not swamped with other work, I can usually write a 700-word article in a day or two if I've got all necessary material and you can review the first draft quickly. More thought-intensive copywriting (slogans, sales letters, lead-generating emails, etc.) may take more time. The main thing to know is that once I set a deadline, I stick to it and I guarantee it. I'm a no-excuses writer.

Do you take on rush jobs?

A: Last-minute rush jobs tend to interfere with the creation of high quality copy. Generally, I avoid rush jobs (copy urgently needed in under 2 days). On the rare occasions I do accept a rush job, I charge the client a 'rush fee' equivalent to twice my normal rate.

Do you provide free samples?

A: I am a professional freelance writer with a quarter century's worth of experience. I write full-time for a living, so alas, I do not provide prospective clients with free 'trial' samples of my work. My extensive portfolio will answer any questions a client has about my writing skills. If you're not sure I'm the right person to write for your particular industry or project, just ask me. There is very little I cannot write about, and I thrive on challenges.

Q: So how do I get a quote?

A: It's easy. If you'd like me to provide a quote for your writing job, just email me. I'll ask a few basic questions to establish the parameters of the job and then provide you with a written quote as soon as possible. For larger and more complex copywriting projects, I may ask you to fill out a brief email questionnaire to get more complete details.