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Direct response copywriting: In 2017, I was commissioned by International Living magazine (US) to craft the long-form promo for their new Portugal Report – this has received a huge response and proven to be one of their most profitable direct-response promotions: https://www.ilbookstore.com/The-Old-World-Charms-of-Portugal-Europe-s-Little-Known-Low-Cost-Retirement-Haven.html. International Living is the world's leading provider of detailed information about living and retiring overseas.


I have created numerous website pages, lead-generating emails and other essential content for Appster, the fastest growing and most respected app development firm in Australia.

I substantially revised and improved Appster's home page: http://www.appsterhq.com/ and vision/mission statement page: http://www.appsterhq.com/appsters-vision to create a clearer branding message.

I created several landing pages for Appster's influential White Papers: http://lp.appsterhq.com/appster-whitepaper-viral-growth-of-fastest-growing-startups.


Article for the outdoor adventure magazine Sidetracked:



I am the senior writer and editor for Ocean Ark Alliance, Australia's largest and most influential marine education and conservation organisation. I work with its Founders and Development Partners on a range of writing projects pertaining to numerous Australian and international initiatives. Here are some of the web pages I wrote for OAA:




I was initially hired by Ocean Ark Alliance to help clarify their objectives as a non-profit, and better explain how and why they do what they do. I provided them with an ABOUT page that concisely but thoroughly explains their aims, strategies and procedures:



Blog owner and eBook author – I own and run The Jet-setting Copywriter website and blog, which teaches aspiring writers how to become in-demand, location-independent professional copywriters. I am also the author of the eBooks 'The Jet-setting Copywriter: How to Fund All Your Overseas Adventures through Freelance Writing' and 'The Over-40 Digital Nomad: A Practical Guide for Mature-age Adventurers'.


Adventure travel article for Vision Asia magazine (please scroll forward to page 17):



I have written blog posts, product overviews and other copy for Wild Earth, the largest online retailer of outdoor gear in Australia:





Work-at-home website article on freelancing productivity 



2016 article for International Living magazine on 'the one skill that can change your life': 


Here are several more articles I've written for International Living:






I am the professional Web writer for Muckboots.com, one of the largest outdoor footwear retailers in the US; I have written all their product descriptions and the majority of their blog posts:



I wrote direct sales copy for this e-commerce site – selling what is quite possibly the most visually beautiful coffee table publication on earth:



An environmental opinion piece for the popular US website GLOBAL COMMENT:



Copywriting for the film industry – I wrote narration and on-screen text for this award-winning feature-length film:



A long-form article written for mensmagazine.com:



Article about an expedition in Australia's Kimberley region: 


This same epic journey also featured in Australian Geographic magazine.


Article written for the Travel Medicine Alliance:


This is one of several articles I've written for The Travel Doctor http://www.thetraveldoctor.com.au/ in Brisbane, Australia. As one of the country's leading Travel Medicine centres, this business often needs documents containing 'legalese' to be translated into 'plain English' for various trade publications, blog posts, etc. I help them create jargon-free, easy-to-understand content that helps their business.   


I am also the author of several books:

Jobs Abroad: The Australian Traveller's Guide to Working Overseas (1992, three editions)

Attracting Frogs to Your Garden: Creating an Ideal Habitat for Native Frogs in Your Own Backyard (1996)

Australian Bush Survival Skills: A Complete Guide to Surviving in the Wild (2000)

Australian Chess Brilliancies: Creative Attacking Chess from Down Under (2009)

Attracting Frogs to Your Garden was an Aussie bestseller (over 30,000 sold and still going strong), and won the Whitley Book Award in 1996.  It was voted 'Best Book in the Field of Practical Zoology' by the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales, and resulted in my obligatory 15 minutes of fame on The Midday Show with Kerri-Anne in 1997.

Australian Bush Survival Skills remains the most comprehensive outdoor survival manual ever produced for Australian conditions.

Jobs Abroad was an extremely popular book with globe-trotting backpackers and went to three editions. From teaching English in Japan to safari work in Botswana's Okavango Delta, this reference paved the way for young travellers to pursue their dreams of working in a foreign land.

Australian Chess Brilliancies showcased the creative genius of Australian chess players, and was favourably reviewed by Australia's most famous Grandmaster, Ian Rogers, as well as a number of overseas chess writers and commentators.  It continues to be used in chess academies as a teaching aid and historical chess reference for younger chess players. Trivia alert: I was editor/publisher of Queensland Chess magazine in 1998, and the Alaska State Chess Champion in 1980.