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My Copywriting Quality Guarantee

I want you to be 100% happy with the service I provide, and I'll work with you until the copy is just the way you want it. That's my guarantee.


Need an experienced professional writer? Here are some of the many ways I can help you.

I provide a wide range of professional writing services for clients around the globe, including (but by no means limited to) those listed below. Please visit my Fees page for costs. Listed fees should be used as a guide only – I always quote by the individual project depending on scope, timeframes, extent of research/interviews and other factors. I don't charge by the hour for writing work – I charge a flat fee for a specified job. I ask you how I can help your business, take a look at any relevant background materials you may have and then provide you with a firm quote. Please take a look at my Writer Portfolio for samples of previous work. Please note that I provide professional writing only – I am not a web designer or graphic artist.



Do you need a thoroughly researched and impeccably written article? I can write on virtually any topic, and my previous work covers a formidable range of subjects including travel medicine, insurance, outdoor survival, content marketing, fitness, overseas employment, legal issues, sponsorship, environment, travel, linguistics, diet, chiropractic medicine, children's issues, social media, debt and credit, product reviews, gardening, shoplifting prevention, health, freelance productivity, fire safety, animal tracking, sports nutrition, expedition logistics – and that's just in the past twelve months. If you're not quite sure if I'm the writer to create your article, just ask. Here are two of my more popular articles: 

http://www.sidetracked.com/remote-river-man-kimberley/ I also wrote a separate account of this expedition for the Nov/Dec issue of the prestigious Australian Geographic Outdoor magazine.

http://globalcomment.com/the-death-of-environmentalism/ I don't often pen Opinion pieces, but this one is a good example of my 'get right to the point' style.     

Blog posts

Blogs can serve many useful purposes – to drive traffic to your website, position your business as experts in the industry, provide a less sales-y environment for site visitors, build trust, qualify leads and answer customer questions. They can also be used to create content that can then be fed into Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social media platforms to help spread the word. Unfortunately, many businesses don't have the time (or suitable writers) to write concise, engaging posts week after week.  That's where a professional blog post writer can make all the difference to your business. Blog posts should be informative, interesting and relevant. Here are a couple of examples from my collection:



SEO content

With so many websites out there, it's important to make yours stand out. Correct use of current Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies can help. While I always write for readability and engagement first and SEO second, I am experienced in SEO content writing and am happy to accomodate your requests for search engine-friendly page titles, descriptions and keywords. 

Feature articles

I can write feature articles for your website, newsletter, trade journal or magazine that present an in-depth look at a topical issue. A feature article will normally include one or more interviews (which can be conducted by phone, Skype or through a series of email questions) and a high level of background research. I am happy to write your feature story so it adheres to the particular style or 'tone' you prefer.

Product descriptions

Great product descriptions can help your business prosper by increasing sales and improving your Google ranking (driving more potential customers to your site). Boring manufacturer's specifications or product descriptions 'borrowed' from competitors just don't cut it any more. I specialise in creating original, professional product descriptions for e-commerce business owners that will set them apart from the crowd. My product descriptions make your product attractive to buyers, describe its major benefits and help sell it by providing a compelling reason to buy. Product description length will depend on the complexity of the item and nature of the e-commerce site, but a well-written description can say a lot in as little as 100 words, as in this example from my portfolio: http://www.muckboots.com/reign-tall-black-purple

100% original, sparkling product descriptions can really elevate a business above the rest. In my experience, this is one area where the minimal investment of hiring a quality product description writer has the potential to produce serious increases in e-commerce profitability. 

E-book ghost writing and formatting

As the author and publisher of several books (both print and eBook), I have a deep understanding of how books are created and marketed, and would be pleased to assist you with your print book or eBook project. I can work with you either as a credited contributor or a completely anonymous ghost writer (I do the writing, you take the credit!). Based on your concepts and the materials you provide, I can complete the research, outlining and chapter-by-chapter writing of your eBook within agreed-upon deadlines. And, because I am an eBook author myself, I can format your eBook pages for Kindle as an integral part of my eBook-writing service (many writers charge extra for this, or leave you to do the formatting yourself). If, like many people, you have an eBook you're dying to get published – but don't have the time or skills to complete – let a professional do the job for you. Book writing is where I started my professional writing career, so you'll be getting the level of experience needed to help you create a professionally produced eBook.

Business emails

In my own writing business, I have crafted individual emails on several occasions that have subsequently earned me thousands of dollars – so I know how important it is to get these right. If you send a boring or confusing email to a quality contact and miss the mark, you often don't get a second chance to impress. A professionally prepared business email can make all the difference to your reputation and your bottom line. Short or long, a business email should grab attention, be clear and targeted, and be written to achieve the optimum response. I can assist you with an attention-getting subject line, a professional header and concise body copy that communicates your message with the highest standards of clarity and professionalism.

Home Page content

The home page of your business site is where you let visitors know who you are, what you do, and how you do it better than everybody else. It needs to be focused and clear, and those first few sentences are crucial. A successful Home page is uncluttered and professional-looking, and makes customers feel confident and comfortable with your site. Need help? I can create a Home page for you that's simple, clear and gets to the point quickly. A Home page isn't about bells and whistles – it's about making every word count. For many customers, this page will be their first impression of your business. Here's one I revamped for Appster, Australia's fastest growing and most respected app development firm: http://www.appsterhq.com/

Additional web pages

Having the right content on your web pages can boost your business dramatically. If your About page is out of date, your FAQs page is missing vital Qs or your Services page is in desperate need of an overhaul, I can bring in fresh new ideas and bold, captivating content that will help you communicate better so your customer's eyes stay on your pages longer. I can create snappy, highly persuasive landing pages to get prospects interested in your White Papers (like I did here): http://lp.appsterhq.com/appster-whitepaper-viral-growth-of-fastest-growing-startups, focus your company's mission statement (as I've done here): http://www.appsterhq.com/appsters-vision or produce whatever kind of web page you might need. If your website isn't getting the results you want, contact me – I can make a difference.

Annual reports

Is your annual report becoming an annual headache? As a public corporation or non-profit producing an annual report, you already know how much time and effort this exercise consumes. Why not let a professional take over the job? I'll write an annual report that ticks all the boxes for your organisation: accuracy, transparency, reputation, showcasing your points of difference and summarising your year in a powerful, effective way that expresses your  company's uniqueness.


I can write your resume from scratch, or polish your existing CV to perfection.


Editing can mean anything from basic proofreading to a major rewrite – and everything in between – so I provide a quote for editing only after seeing a representative sample of the material to be edited. Online, the simplest way to provide you with comprehensive editing notes is with the 'Track Changes' feature in MS Word; you can see each individual change made, then decide for yourself whether to accept or ignore. As an award-winning author, I am an extremely skilled editor and proofreader, and can make your writing sparkle. No job is too big or too small; simply send me a sample, tell me how many total pages you need edited and I'll give you a quote.

Sales letters

A single, well-composed sales letter can massively boost profits. Whether your aim is lead generation or direct sales, I can craft a persuasive letter that's engaging, honest and targeted to your recipient(s). I'll provide an attention-grabbing opening statement, identify the reader's problem, explain why you're the solution and end with a compelling call to action.   

Video scripts

A short 2-5 minute video on your business website is a great idea – it can engage customers by explaining who you are, what you do and how your product works, and can even crank up your SEO. We live in a visual world, and many businesses are recognising the value of video as a communication and sales tool. Contact me with your ideas about your proposed video, and I'll work with you to create a script that achieves your goals clearly, completely and within the limits of your defined video length. As someone who has produced feature-length DVDs, video product reviews, etc. (see www.remoteriverman.com), I understand the video medium and can write a script that works for you.    


Public speaking is right up there with the worst of human phobias. Personally, I'm much more frightened by smiling politicians and crowded shopping malls, but let's move on. If you need to give a speech for an industry event, customer meeting or business conference, I can help. I'll do all necessary research and work with whatever source material you provide to create a polished, professional speech appropriate for the occasion – and aimed squarely at the target audience. Most speakers talk at a rate of roughly 110 words a minute, so for a typical 20-minute speech presentation you're looking at about 2200 written words. Big speech coming up? Let me provide you with just the right words to ensure success.   

Customer success stories (case studies)

Customers always trust what others say about you more than they trust what you say about yourself, so that's where 'case studies' (also known as customer success stories) come into the picture. I call them 'testimonials on steroids'. They are a great tool for businesses seeking to build client trust – not just in individual products, but in their brand as a whole. Basically, this is how it works: you would contact between 1 and 5 of your happiest customers, get their written permission to be part of the case study, and I would then interview them (normally over the phone, but Q & A by email also works). After finding out how your company spectacularly helped them, I would craft a 'Customer Success Story'. The format is (a) state the problem the customer had, (b) describe their criteria for searching for a solution, possibly including solutions they looked at but rejected, (c) describe your company's solution (what it does, how it works) and then (d) outline the positive results and benefits achieved when the customer used your product or service. The 'customer' can either be an individual end user or in the case of B2B, a client company. Case studies can be written up individually or combined, with 3 or 4 satisfied customers featured in one document (prestige automobile companies are particularly fond of these).  

White papers

A white paper is an information-rich article (usually 4-12 pages in length) that describes how to solve a problem or make a decision. Though technically a promotional piece, it's 'disguised' as an unbiased report. Rather than plugging your product directly, it educates your customer about the issues that your product addresses. It contains plenty of useful 'how-to' information in an authoritative style, and seeks to subtly sell your product by establishing your business as the go-to expert in the field. Walking that fine line between information and promotion takes a skilled writer, but a solid, well-crafted white paper can certainly move your brand forward – especially if your leading competitors aren't bothering to produce white papers themselves.

A white paper is not a sales brochure. It doesn't mention your product by name; instead it describes the problems the product will overcome, and outlines a strategy for solving these issues. By giving the appearance of being unbiased, white papers enhance your status as an industry authority and are much more effective than a sales brochure. Those who read white papers don't want to be sold to – they want to be educated. 

Professional bios/company histories

Want to tell the world a little bit more about your organisation? Let me collect all the facts (and interviews if needed) and create a professional bio or a sparkling profile of your thriving business.

E-zines (online newsletters)

Everybody seems to have an online newsletter these days, but not everyone has the time to research and write quality copy to produce a consistent result. I can take newsletter writing off your hands and provide riveting articles that will keep your subscribers coming back for more.

Lead-generating emails

A lead-generating email is the online equivalent of a one-page sales letter, designed to increase interest in your product or service. These can also be created as a short series of individual emails, with each one moving your prospect further along the sales process. 

New taglines or slogans

Companies get plenty of mileage out of taglines and catchy slogans that briefly but memorably sum up their brand or product. If your business doesn't have one, why not let me come with 20 possibilities for you to choose from?

Advertising copywriting

I perform a wide range of other copywriting tasks to help your business prosper, from brochures and flyers to online or offline ads. Just let me know what you need, and I'll quickly draw up a quote. 

Copy critique service

My copy critique service gives you an objective review of an advertisement, landing page, e-mail marketing campaign, sales letter, direct mail package or any other copy you have produced. I'm available to critique either your completed copy or a draft (work in progress).You'll receive a written report that analyses your copy in detail. I'll tell you what works, what doesn't, what's great and what should be changed (and how). My critique is all about the effectiveness of the copy, and includes specific directions for rewriting and revision. However, this is a critique only – I offer actionable suggestions, but do not actually write or revise the copy for you.

This service is perfect for clients who are after a professional  'second opinion' on a specific piece of copy, or are looking to inject new life and fresh ideas into copy that's no longer working. My copy critique service enables you to sample my copywriting skills at far less cost than you would pay if I was writing for you from scratch.